What’s the rush?

I remember when I had my daughter, my whole goal was to just SURVIVE the first year. I use to tell myself just 12 months of this, and she’ll be ONE and it’ll be amazing! I think I speak for most first time moms, that we all have that mind set. Just get them to a YEAR.

While the first year may be the most challenging to a majority, it really holds so much joy that gets missed along the way. Their first smile. Their first tooth. Their first time rolling over. Their first time eating solids. Their first time walking. So many milestones but really, their is a hidden joy that so many miss. It’s their total dependency on YOU. They NEED you for everything.

My kids are now five and three, and they need me less and less as the days go on. I don’t have to wipe butts, clean up spit up or feed them myself anymore. They do all that on their own. Funny, how I actually MISS those moments with them. I know soon I won’t have to read to them, wash their hair, etc! I don’t want to miss the last time I do those things! I want to soak it up!

The last couple of months I’ve felt like I need to slow down. Just slow down. Just rest is these childhood days. We rush our kids through to being one, and then preschool, and then kindergarten, and off they go into the world. They lose their innocence, they lose their childhood. Or, maybe we lose it for them? We don’t cultivate it anymore. It don’t encourage it anymore. We rush it.

We have been purposeful to just slow down. To let them play more. To let them stay up late and watch a movie. To encourage the freedom that childhood has to offer.

School will be there. Learning mathematics will be there. But, this day will not happen again in their childhood. The dreams. The inventions. The creativity. It won’t grow if we don’t let them just be a kiddo and use those imaginations!

Someday they’ll know math facts, reading, and all the names of presidents before them.

BUT, right now, slime is ready to be played with and pictures are ready to be colored, and games are about to be won and adventure are to be had. Childhood can’t wait, and it flies by without our rushing them! So why rush them?

Take that time. Take them to the zoo. Read them all the books. Take them on adventure in the woods. Build a project. Talk to them. Play with them. Go make a mess with them!

Because, someday, you’re going to miss this!

They’ll go on their own adventures. They’ll read their own books. They’ll have friends to talk too. They’ll build their own projects. And, they’ll make and CLEAN UP their own messes.

Let them be kids, and help them enjoy these days to the fullest! Don’t rush them. Don’t rush yourself.

Just enjoy it, friends!

Until next time,



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