We all have them.

We have them for ourselves.

We have them for our spouses.

We have them for our kids.

We have them for our families.

We have them for our friends.

We even have them for strangers.

I’ve spent the last decade annoyed at my expectations. More so, annoyed at myself that they are so high. They are on a GOOD day usually unattainable for myself, and for the others around me.

I’ve put expectations for me not to raise my voice, and be UBER patient. Let’s just laugh at this.

I’ve put expectations for my husband to work a full time job, and GET ALL his extra household things done. Cause, he’s a legit superhero and can make that happen.

I’ve put expectations on my kids to excel in school and behavior. For real though?

I’ve put expectations on having a CLEAN house all day, everyday, please act like we don’t live here, am I right?

I mean the list could literally go on for more than you all have time to read in a lifetime. The expectations vary from people’s reactions and behavior to my ideal house and surroundings. Can we say, control freak much? We all live in our heads, our thoughts control what we do, say, how we act, etc!

Our thoughts dictate our expectations of people, situations and our realities. Some day I wish I could wake up, turn down those expectations and just REST.

Just rest in my thoughts. Rest in my expectations. Rest in my world. JUST REST.

We have become so robot like in our expectations.

Work hard.

Clean house.

Good kids.

Keep up appearances.

Perfect marriage.

You name it, it has expectations put around it. It may vary per individual, but we all have them.

If only we could learn to put our expectations for our spouses, kids, home, life, work, etc, and just REST in these places. Just enjoy the phase. Just enjoy the moment. Just enjoy the season. Just put our expectation in Him, who LOVES us and has a plan for our day to day. Just REST in Him! Because… sometimes we miss the moments due to those expectations.

Today, I decided to lower to my expectations. I will not have a clean house this week, it’s just too insane of a week.

My husband may not get everything done on our crazy list, and that’s okay.

The kids may eat more sugar for breakfast this week, and they’ll live to tell about it.

But, I will be happy. My husband will be happy. My kids will be happy.

Because, I laid aside expectations and just rested in Him!

Sometimes you just need to rest, and be still, and know He is God! Expectations are good but not if they start controlling your day to day! Choose to live in the moment today and lower those expectations!

Happy Resting, friends!

Until next time,



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