Funny thing about words. They have so much LIFE and yet can even yield so much DEATH too.

I’ve written about four blog posts since my last, and I just can’t share them yet. Either something is incomplete with them or they aren’t meant for this season. I’m not sure if they’ll speak LIFE or DEATH, but they need to be spoken in the right season.

It’s amazing how words can really influence how a persons day goes, whether they LIVE or whether they DIE.

They hold the power to restore, heal, encourage, rebuke and so much more. His word tells us that “life and death are in the power of our words, and those who like their fruit will eat them”, (proverbs 18:21).

How truthful.

Our words have more power than I think people even want to realize.

It makes me sit here, and say are my words speaking LIFE into family, friends, kids, neighbors, and even strangers.

Worst yet, are they speaking death to a situation or emotion that already has death in it? What am I encouraging, LIFE or DEATH?

We all have a choice to sit back, and allow our words to be timed, to yield good fruit, to be fitting to the situation. Whether we are encouraging someone through praise or gently correcting someone through love, those words are have the power to yield His goodness.

Like right now, my daughter is speaking life into a situation with her brother, where she could of easily spoken discouragement to his little heart. She’s chosen to encourage him. What a difference that made in his demeanor!

So, take some time to sit back, listen and speak life into someone’s day! It can just be as simple as saying “Hello” that lonely mama at the park! You never know the difference that Hello may make!

Until next time,



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