We’re homeschooling!

First day of HOMESCHOOL..

Did you just have a moment of silence for me? 😂

I’m just messing. We kicked off our 2018-2019 school year at HOME monday! This year looks different for us for many reasons.

It’s the first year I am solely rocking the stay at home Mama thing. For the last 6 years, I’ve always had a small business rocking and rolling. This year I felt called to lay it all down. I hesitated. I complained. I straight up fought God on it.

It’s not easy laying down your second income, knowing the stresses that’ll cause. It also wasn’t easy, because I loved what I did and the people I had gained along the way.

It was May 1st, and I laid it all down. After lots of prayer and surrender, God was calling me HIGHER and DEEPER all at the same time. “Let it all go”, was the word I kept getting from Him. So, I did. I felt He was asking me to devote myself to just being a wife and mama, cue the 50’s music and judgment that comes with that 😜

I also felt strongly that our homeschool needed to be set free in Him. So, after much prayer and seeking Him, and LOTS of discussion with my husband and friends, I did it. I simplified our days, schedule and outings. I said “No!” to things that I didn’t feel called to anymore and “Yes” to the things I felt were a must.

I literally wanted to cry tears of JOY from letting it all go. I let go what people would think. I let go the expectation to “be” a certain way, or “do” certain things. I followed His heart for my family and my little branches.

I’m not here to raise my kids like everyone else. I’m not here to breathe the life of man into them. I’m here for the sole purpose of giving them ROOTS that grow deep down in Him, which flourishes a tree that goes HIGH into what He has for them. I want to open up the world He created for them, and give them a LOVE for learning all about Him and what He has given us.

It took me awhile to lay it all down, and I’m still laying it down every morning. I’m not perfect, but I’m His, and I’m trusting Him to guide us as we plant the richness of Him within us!

I took the time this year to pray over our space, curriculum and daily learning. My husband and I poured our time into a dedicated space just for learning and growing! It’s colorful, organized and secluded just for them. My mama helped supply all the extras the space would need. We filled it with books and art supplies, and so much more!

And you know how much money I spent on it, NOTHING.

God provided every single thing that was needed in this space!

The kids love their space more than I do, and that’s what my heart wanted. They love spending their time out there, creating, learning and soaking up whatever they can at their desks! I’m thankful. I’m blessed. I’m over-joyed.

Tomorrow we will of completed WEEK ONE of homeschooling. It flew by, and I can honestly say that I have a new found JOY for teaching my kids and watching them grow! They have already absorbed so much LIFE this week, and that brings my heart peace.

We can do this. We are doing this.

He has made a way, where their wasn’t a way! I’m thankful I listened, and laid stuff down to give my kids ME and my attention, to watch them grow and give them time at HOME to deepen those roots! Here’s to our journey!

You can do more than you think, friends. Listen to His voice, lay it all down.

Until next time,



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