I’m busy!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat and written anything.

We’ve been busy in our house! We gave birth to our third child back in January! A sweet little girl, Olive Judah. We have been spending the last five weeks getting use to our new normal! A family of five is no joke, and we are finally out numbered kid wise! That has brought a whole new level to our house, which is something I wanted to talk about today!

Yesterday while I was doing dishes, laundry, eating lunch and peeing all in the twenty minute break I got from holding the baby, I started thinking.

I was going to post on Facebook “I got all this done while the baby slept for twenty minutes!”. Why?

Because to me getting something done is clean dishes, a sparkling toilet, and laundry being cleaned.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of those things are nice in themselves. It’s more my perspective that is off about those things.

I’ve been measuring my days worth in what I can accomplish, organize, and clean in one day! If I don’t get what I wanted done, I didn’t get anything done. You hear me? I have three kids, and they keep me on my toes. I am usually bouncing from one thing to the next. One second I’m playing barbies with my daughter, changing diapers the next and tying capes to my son so he can be a superhero.

It’s never ending demands from them, and it’s exhausting. I go to bed with a full heart and an exhausted body.

I realized that I did get stuff done in my day. It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. The dishes are dirty because we ate food that day. We had full tummies all day, and the dishes are a prime example of that.

The toys all over the house, is a noticeable sign of a house we played in all day. So, if I have to clean it up, it means we got something done that day.

The dirty sink full of toothpaste, is a tell tale mess that shows we got something done today. We made a mess while cleaning our teeth and making smiley faces on mama’s mirror.

That pile of dirt on the ground, well that’s actually a pile of stickers, glitter, and various small toys, it’s a pile of fun!

The dirty laindry piled up, well, that’s just a sign that we’ve had a lot of adventures the last few weeks. They are paint covered. They are soiled in mud. They have remnants of toothpaste and cheesy snacks. They smell of baby spit up and poop. They are a reminder of all the fun we’ve had in the last five weeks. They remind me of the laughter, the crying, the yelling, the yawning, the everything.

So, if you come to my house and see a sink full of dishes, a pile full of fun, a carpet of toys, see us wearing dirty shirts or an art canvased mirror of toothpaste, don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind, I’ve found it.

All the stuff I need to do is within those messes, they are called my kids. I get a lot done in one day. I snuggle my littlest a lot, I listen to stories about fairies and mermaids, I pretend I’m in trouble so captain America can save me. I’m busy, y’all.

Plus, when the fun of all the things we got DONE is over, my story teller and captain America are always there to lend me a hand to get their fun cleaned up! And, Olive will do her best to cry so we can stop, and go have some more fun!

Because, we LIVE in our home, y’all.

It ain’t for show, it’s for show and tell.

So, when you want a break, come visit our free living museum! It’s free, memorable and is guaranteed to make you want more.

Until next time,


Ps. Any typos, grammar errors, etc are due to lack of caring and sleep. 😂


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