Happy New Year!

Happy 2019, y’all.

Every year when the call drops, and the confetti sprays and the champagne gets consumed, we all look back on our year and think about the year ahead.

This past year was a good year, what made it a good year? Everything did. All the good. All the bad. All the ugly. All the inbetweens.

Every situation led me to a place of growth. Every circumstance gave opportunity for change. Isn’t that what serving an amazing Father is like? His love is always there. His word is constant. His faithfulness is forever. He transcends my time on this earth and the things that happen around me.

For that, I am thankful.

We decided as a family to write down our goals for 2019. We’ve never written down goals and put them out to see, but this year we decided needed to be different on that. As we were making them, the verse about how we make our plans but the Lord decides the path came to mind.

We can write down goals. Say this year will be better than last year. We can proclaim that 2018 was a waste, and 2019 will hold gold for us. That we are going to change. That we will lose that dang weight. That we will be better people. That we will pay off that debt and make more money. Whatever the goal.

But, it was really put on my heart, that the only plan we should make is to submit ourselves to our Heavenly Father. To sacrifice this year to HIM, and to lay it at His feet. To give Him power, and authority over our goals, comings and goings, our character and lives.

Sacrifice. That’s the word.

I’m glad we have plans and goals, they are important, but they are not our FOCUS. Our focus should be on Him who determines our path and sets it straight to Him. I think we’d see more happen in our year if our ultimate goal was to please our God, obey His commandments and word, to lay down our lives for Him, to truly see wisdom and understanding over head knowledge. True wisdom and understanding only comes from a fear of knowing the God we serve, the all consuming fire, and choosing that over everything else.

So, this year, my prayer over this family and yours is that you come to know your Heavenly Father but also the all consuming fire, that is our God. That we grow in wisdom and understanding that transcends time and place, and takes us to His presence daily!

Happy new year!

Until next time,



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