Homeschooling Happenings

We’ve accomplished our first quarter in our homeschooling journey this past week. I can’t even believe one quarter has already passed.

I’ve been able to witness amazing growth in both of my kids, and it’s been hard and great at the same time. Growth isn’t always easy, and sometimes comes with days that make your weary! I may even be missing some hair, and a few strands probably turned a nice shade of white. Ha!

Ezra has been excelling in her reading program, and can even read a few books all by herself. I am super proud of her, she shows a lot of determination to read and to READ the right way, and not just memorize words but understand how they are put together as a whole! We’ve taken our time with reading, I want her to be a confident and strong reader, not just have to be something to check off our list!

Zephaniah is loving learning the alphabet! We do a letter of the week, where we highlight the letter with pictures from the internet of things that start with it. I utilize free printables too, and that keeps him entertained. We practice cutting, pasting and writing too! He especially loves writing his name! He’s almost got it!

We have a lot of fun with our interest studies! We spent some time learning about frogs vs. toads, sea turtles, preserving leaves and all about pilgrims!

We kept toads and frogs pretty simple! You can find printables online for just about anything, and I like to give the kids lots of colorful and fun things to check out. We love to utilize the library, such a good service for us and we won’t accumulate a crazy amount of books! We learned all about the life cycle of a frog, and what makes a frog different from a toad. We also read the book frog and toad, super cute and the kids ate it up!

Turtles was so much fun! We had a lot of books on hand from Usborne! I got a life cycle toy set off amazon, and the kids loved the hands on examples! We even got off Etsy a fragment of a turtle shell, and they loved passing that around! Keep it simple and keep it fun!

Preserving leaves was such a fun project for them! We melted wax (we recommend beeswax for a smoother finish), we used soy wax and it left some residue on the leaves! We learned what type of trees are in our neighborhood and what the leaves look like too! It was fun, and we created little leaf hangers for our school room!

Last but not least, we’ve been spending time reading books about the pilgrims and the first thanksgiving. We’ve loved utilizing books on hand, like what was the first thanksgiving and my first thanksgiving book. We went to the library and took out additional books, and we’ve just spent a lot of time reading. I printed off some printables for them to color while I read, and they love it. We have painted turkeys with cotton balls, and learned all about what we think they ate!

Also, as some added fun we got some pilgrim Halloween costumes and they’ve enjoyed acting out being pilgrims!

That’s been our last few weeks with school! The goal has been just to keep it simple and fun, it doesn’t have to be instagram or Pinterest ready. It just has to work for you and your kids!

Until next time,

Becca 😘


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