Loneliness is real amongst the popular.


You can have a 100 people around you, and still feel the depths of loneliness.
I’ve felt it countless times. I’m sure those reading have felt the sting of loneliness too!

We have made worlds around our worlds so they are impenetrable to people around us. If you give off an air of confidence or self security, ain’t no one going to think you lonely or in need of friends. For myself, it hasn’t been until the last year where I’ve attempted to let my guard down.
All my NON TRUSTING ladies reading this, are saying “Yup, I understand that”.
I’ve been burnt in the past with relationships and friendships, some I’ve held dear for a long time. I’m sure I’ve burnt people along the way too. Usually, UNINTENTIONALLY, we discard an invite, we ignore a text message, we push off responding until we aren’t quite as busy. We are human, it happens.

If you’re like me, you’ll come up with every excuse in the BOOK not to put yourself out there. To not invite. To not ask. “My house isn’t clean” “I am not the type of person they’d hang out with” “They already have friends” “what if they hate me?” OR “what if I hate them?!”
All of those lies sink in. We take them to heart and we run with them. We flat out entertain them! But what if we didn’t anymore?

My daughter who’s five now, asked me how to make a friend when she was four. I told her it was simple, walk up to someone you see at the playground, say hello, introduce yourself, and ask their name. Next, ask if they’d like to play with you.
My daughter made quite a few friends the last year being that way.
If only we as adults would act the same way!

Reach out to that person. Call that person. Ask them out. Invite them to your next outing. See if they want to get coffee or go for a walk. Include them in on your day to day! You may save a Mama from her own loneliness!

You are raising the next generation, raise them to be “that” persons friend. You never know how different the world will be if we all reached out to one another and loved on each other! It may ease someone’s pain, loneliness and fill a gap that was needed more than you know! I always tell my daughter to reach out to everyone, you never know where a friend may be in your day. Do the same today! You may be surprised at the friends you make!

And, if your reading this, thinking “I’m the lonely one, I wish someone would reach out to me!” Do yourself a SOLID, and reach out to someone! Reach out to me! You never know, a friendship could be born from your boldness!

That’s it for now, folks. Just some Saturday morning thoughts before my “loneliness” aka quiet of the morning is filled with kiddos!



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