A new normal

A new normal:

What is normal in a busy household? I’m not sure! I was discussing that with some friends last night, and we basically concluded that with children normal is up for change everyday.

We’ve had some big changes in our dynamics lately. I decided to walk away from my pretty full time job, selling Lularoe, and dedicate myself to my family. It wasn’t an easy decision. I’ve grown to love all the people in my Lularoe circle. They easily became friends and family to me. They supported me during my HIGHS and were there to cheer me on during my LOWS. I’m eternally thankful for those women.

As I move from being constantly on the go, to doing life from a place of rest, I am finding myself soaking up more of the little things. I didn’t realize doing laundry, running errands, painting nails and talking fart jokes, would ever engage me so much. I’ve missed these things. The little mundane things, that in a place of stress just seem like a thing to CHECK off our list.

People tell you all the time to soak up these days with your kids. To take a deep breath and live their life with them. To slow down. To play the games. To eat the extra cookies. To let them make some messes. To stay up late. To take adventures and soak up memories with them. The little things. Some day they’ll be grown. Some day they won’t need me as much. Right here, right now they need their Mama, and I’m ready to be just that.

So friends, I encourage you, take some extra time to just BE still. To operate from a place of rest in Him. To let yourself go. To be FREE. I’m ready for my new normal.

Until next time! Xoxo


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