Welcome to our BLOG. This is my family! The hubby is Jonathan, my name is Rebecca, little girl is Ezra Ana and big man is Zephaniah! We are so glad you have found your way to our blog!

It’s funny how when you are expected to sit down and write something, nothing really comes to mind. The pressure we feel to impart some sort of grand wisdom or musings to entertain. Meanwhile, all we should share is our heart. Be real. Be you!

The whole reason for this blog is just to pour my heart, thoughts, feelings, joys, disappointments into words, all while bringing our heavenly father glory.  Whether it is about my kids, work, family, etc. I want you to be able to connect on a real level with our family and our experiences. I have no real plan for this blog, other than to share LIFE with you all. What a beautiful and raw thing LIFE really is, when you break it down. So many live in a paralyzing fear to share who they really are on daily basis!

Here’s to breaking down some barriers, and sharing OUR LIVES with you. We will share our joy and heartbreak. Our adventures. Our failures. Our encouragement. Our disappointments. Stay tuned for more to come!


Becca 🙂


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